Jackie and Michael of Jackie’s Dragon Roofing are proud of the work that we do, so here are some pictures of some jobs that we have done.

We’ve tried to include a few different examples of roofs that we have fixed or replaced.

Further down the page, we’ve included some pictures of clear faults to look out for in roofs, things that we can easily fix for you before they lead to something far bigger!

Flat roofs

Here are some pictures of some flat roofs that we have replaced recently. As you’ll see from these images, features such as vents and skylights protruding from the roof are not a problem.

Lead flashing

Lead flashing is a reliable way of keeping the worst of the winter’s weather out, here are some examples of our work combining a flat roof and lead flashing.

Slate roofs

Here are some pictures of some slate roofs that we have replaced recently.

Tiled roofs

Here is a picture of a tiled roof that we have replaced recently.


The water has got to go somewhere, we clear and replace gutters, here are some pictures of a new guttering system we installed.

Chimney re-rendering

Jackie’s Dragon Roofing repairs and replaces chimneys, here are some pictures of a chimney that we were, at the time of photographing, re-rendering.

Moss clearance

When moss covers a roof, it can not only make a roof look old and unsightly, but worse than that, if left un-checked could damage the tiles on your roof, or drip into guttering systems and cause blockages. Jackie and Michael Boswell offer a moss clearance service, here are some pictures we took mid-job on the difference moss can make.

A new lease of life for your shed

If you use your shed for storage, consider protecting it from the elements with a make over to keep the wind and rain out.

Fix small problems before they become big ones

Roofs are often the last thing that people think about when maintaining their houses, but can be the biggest source of problems if left unchecked. Here are a couple of things to look out for, where spending a few pounds now, could save you hundreds or thousands further down the line!

Jackie & Michael

Jackie and Michael out and about.